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Why Elight ?

Elight provides custom made solution for your Solar street and Home LED Light requirements with professional lighting design in kerala, Calculation using Dialux Simulation. Solar street lights Made by Elight Kerala offer new generation of illumination powered with solar energy.

Highest Quality

The Elight Solar LED range of a street and home, security and area lights is the first to be providing by a five-year performance guarantee in kerala. Quality permeates is a very important aspect of the Elight solar home light kerala, from the calibre of the solar led lighting and LED highbay, led panel dealers in kochin, the complete system design methodology, through to the robustness of our product. Designed to provide outstanding LED lighting outcomes at lower cost of system and the highest compliance to MNRE and Anert standards. Creating a great LED lighting outcomes is the paramount, and requires the state of art, light emiters such as the BridgeLux LED, cree LED range , designed and manufactured in the Kottayam Ernakulam, Kerala. Many solar light options are available with various size, wattages, price, optics and colour temperatures which enables the optimum lighting output with the least amount of lighting poles and battery size.All the various pole styles are available with metal bases and to meet MNRE standards for roadside fitment, rag bolts bases are available for park land settings or areas witch not adjacent to roadways and garden.

Leading Technology

Elight Solar Lighting specialises in installation and supply of variety of solar lighting products for domestic houses, commercial, and industrial premises in thrissur kerala. Using solar lighting can provide better solution to reduce the effects on the environment impact and energy costs. Our solar lighting in kerala products can be used for different applications like street, bollards, road, car park, roadway, landscape, mobile and night lighting, pathway, walkway, safety, garden, apartment, gate lighting. Go through one of our solar and LED lighting product below to find out more or request a quote for pricing. Compliant to all relevant Lighting standards such as UL 4509 for solar GEL battery supplier, LED linear highbay luminary dealer ventilation and material safety and electrical safety standards. All electrical and lighting components that comprise the Elight solar lighting system hold the Regulatory Compliance in Kerala. Elight led down tube light distributors in cochin, Kollam Alappuzha Kottayam Idukki designed utilising light data for solar radiation, night time hours and blackout day light history to ensure high performance for all year round.

Low Maintenance

Our systems uses the most advanced, energy efficient solar and lighting technologies. Elight LEDLED luminaire and lamp combinations have all been tested and certified for high luminous output and compliance with all relevant lighting standards. Its available including IES Lux files for Lighting design kerala and pole spacing tables. A wide range of light fittings is available for your convenient selection our luminaries available across kerala Only premium quality solar panels in ernakulam are used in elight solar LED Systems in kerala. Designed for different regions such as shade area sunny areas so that amount of energy generated over a years is balanced to the solar energy used in powering the Led garden light. We only configure a solar street light system with a high quality GEL, VRLA, AGM battery, solar Panel kottayam and charge controllers in kottayam with applicable discharge capacity for the long-life operation of entire system.The controller chip can be programmed to run the LED light in all night with and without dimming, or for the required time duration. controller is also protecting the battery from over discharge and charging.

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